The Infamous Collective has many talented photographers and photo-editors on staff. All of which have years of experience and specialize in creating your vision within the medium of photography. This includes both digital and film photography, as well as modifying the images to fit your aesthetic.



The Infamous Collective has a wonderful photographer who is currently located in Los Angeles, California named Tricia Plinzke. If you’d like to see more of her work, or possibly commission her for a photoshoot, you should definitely contact us!


A video editor, photographer, and producer. Michael Sheedy is one of the triumviri within the Infamous Collective, and is involved in almost every project. If you’re looking for a dedicated individual to assist with an upcoming event or project, then you definitely want to contact the Collective to get Sheed involved.


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Experienced in camera operations and film techniques, Rich brings years of professionalism to every Infamous Collective video shoot. Rich has shot and edited multiple videos for the Collective, and for other work through his production company Reels By Heals.